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Transforming Agriculture, Nourishing Communities



Serving the agricultural needs of smaller cities in India by providing fresh supplies of Vegetables, Fruits, and Groceries. At eSandhai, we believe in the power of innovation to reshape the future of agriculture. Our mission is simple yet profound: to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers while revolutionising the way fresh produce and groceries reach the doorsteps.

Our mission is to create a user-friendly platform that connects buyers and sellers while ensuring transparency and traceability. We leverage cutting-edge Supply-Demand Prediction technology to optimize the supply chain in agriculture. As a dynamic division of a growth-oriented company, our goal is to excel in the field of agri-commerce by meeting the needs of both producers and consumers.


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eSandhai - Transforming Agriculture, Nourishing Communities

Story behind our logo

eSandhai, means eMarket in the Tamil(தமிழ்) language.

சந்தை என்பது பொருள் வாங்குபவர்களும் விற்பவர்களும் நேரடியாகவோ அல்லது மறைமுகமாகவோ தொடர்புடைய இடம். A market is a place where buyers and sellers of goods interact directly or indirectly.

Chollin Selvan’s vision for eSandhai was to create a marketplace that bridged the gap between farmers and eager buyers, prioritizing transparency and traceability. To symbolize this vision, he commissioned a logo that embodied the essence of agriculture and community spirit. The logo featured a vibrant green “e” emerging from a digital marketplace, signifying growth and prosperity. The circular design represented unity, while the green shades at the logo’s heart symbolized hope and the promise of a brighter future, bringing farmers and consumers together.

In summary, eSandhai’s logo reflects its commitment to connecting farmers and buyers, fostering transparency, and embracing a bright future of agricultural commerce.

eSandhai - Transforming Agriculture, Nourishing Communities